Quinn Institute
Mission & Vision

Regenerative, Organic Agriculture for a Healthier World


Our Mission

QI’s mission: to scale up the number of successful regenerative organic producers growing nutrient dense food to improve the health of our planet and people.

Our Vision

Engaging and building community around regenerative organic agriculture and health.

The Quinn Institute is dedicated to nurturing a community unified by the principles of regenerative organic agriculture and holistic health. We're cultivating partnerships across a broad spectrum—from academia and healthcare to local farmers and indigenous groups—prioritizing stewardship, agronomic and economic viability, and wellbeing. Our collaboration with Ethos Farm to Health exemplifies our commitment to integrating farming with healthcare, where nurturing the next generation of farmers and physicians who prescribe food as medicine is central to our mission. We're also expanding our advisory board with Montana healthcare professionals who emphasize nutrition in disease and mental health management.

Using a regional approach with national and global implications

At the local level Quinn Institute is helping coordinate efforts to provide locally produced neutrally dense food to the school, senior center, hospital and food bank in near-by Big Sandy.  At the regional level, QI adopts a regional approach with wide-reaching implications, combining the research and educational strategies of places like the Rodale and Land Institutes with the vision of regenerative organic agriculture becoming the norm world wide. Unique to the Northern Great Plains, our institute’s focus on local agricultural needs paves the way for broader applications, enhancing global understanding of regenerative principles and addressing critical issues such as climate change and desertification while healing the earth by growing food as medicine.