Real change in agriculture starts with small steps towards a big vision.


Our Collaborative Effort

Research, Innovation, Demonstrations, Economic Analysis, Education and Health

The Quinn Institute in Northcentral Montana, is a collaborative effort with local, national, and international experts from business, agriculture, healthcare, and science.

Quinn Institite

Healing the earth,
by growing food
as medicine

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Where Tradition Meets Innovation in Agriculture


The Quinn Institute was born out of a collective realization: the need for a progressive approach to agriculture—one that embraces research, innovation, and education while being firmly rooted in the practicalities of a farming and ranching community and reconnecting the ancient ties between good food and good health.

The Quinn Institute Mission

At the Quinn Institute, we stand firmly on the foundation that a community-based approach to agriculture that views the earth with respect and appreciation and everyone from the farmer to the end consumer as friends and partners.

Food is Medicine at every step


Handpicking ancient and heirloom seeds that are naturally robust and nutrient-rich, setting the foundation for food that nourishes and heals.

Regenerative Organic Practices

Cultivating the land using regenerative organic techniques that enrich the soil, increase biodiversity, and yield crops with higher nutritional value.

Harvesting Wholesomeness

Harvesting at the peak of ripeness to ensure that every grain, fruit and vegetable is laden with the maximum possible amount of beneficial phytonutrients and great flavor.

Food to

Strengthening community health by providing local minimal processing and access to foods high in nutrition that are free from harmful chemicals and additives, promoting good health and well-being from the ground up.

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